Caper Salsa Verde


SALSA VERDE!! It is great with just about everything!  Above I topped the verde on my steak for a quick flavorful sauce.  You can try it with fish, chicken, or even just grilled bread or a fried egg!


1 Tbs capers (drained and chopped)

1/2 small garlic clove (finely minced) a little goes a long way!

large handful of italian parsley leaves (chopped)

juice of half a lemon or splash of red wine vinegar

about 1/4 cup - good quality olive oil

maldon sea salt

fresh ground pepper

The key is to have a very sharp knife when cutting the herbs.  This prevents bruising and really exposes the freshness of the herbs.  Mix the chopped parsley, capers, garlic together in a bowl.  Add a few pinches of maldon salt and fresh cracked pepper. THEN add the olive oil.  If you do not mix them first before adding the oil, you will end up with large raw clumps of garlic which is not fun to bite into.  Then add a few squeezes of lemon juice to your liking and adjust seasonings.  It should not be drowning in olive oil, just like a paste in the picture above.  You want to be able to taste each individual flavor.

Suggestions:  Try playing around with different oils, acids, and fresh mild herbs.  Mint and tarragon are good choices.  If you’re looking for more depth of flavor, add anchovies!  YUM!