The BEST QUACAMOLE in the world...MINE.

Soup Mama’s Guacamole


Makes enough for your super bowl party!  Go 49ers!!!


2 each - Japaleno (seeded, fine mince)

1/2-1 each - Small Red Onion (fine mince)

5 cloves - Garlic (fine mince)

1 bunch - Cilantro (chopped)

5 each - Limes

5-6 each - Large Ripe Avocados

Kosher salt/black bepper


Finely chop the peppers, garlic, and onion.  If you want it spicy, add serrano chilies or use the seeds of the pepper.  Add fresh lime juice and a pinch of kosher salt, and let this marinate for 5 minutes like a ceviche.  As it sits in citrus and salt, the natural juices in the aromatics will release, this equal FLAVOR!  Smash the onion mixture with a muddler or the back of your spoon to really extract all that flavor.  Better yet, if you have a mortar pestle, now we’re talking!


Add your chopped cilantro!


Mix together!


Add avocados!  And mix and mash away!!  Season generously with salt.  Remember, avocados are pretty bland and salt/citrus help to boost the flavor.  Adjust your seasonings by thinking, does it need more acidity?  more salt?  more cilantro? is it spicy enough?  I personally like it really heavy on the lime, salt, and heat, and chunky!  Enjoy!